Unliberated Artist

“An artist will never be liberated from his suffering”- Garry Mabour

I had a discussion with my daughter today about my bounds as an artist and from where I perceive inspiration and creation originates. My goal is to pass on my acquired life experiences and the contents of my reverie to my children. To share with your children, is to pass on your legacy long after you leave. As she proceeds in her life, I want her to know that while an artist expresses and exemplifies a sense of freedom in his or her creativity, the same endless stream of consciousness that produces beauty will never liberate them from their own suffering. Out of necessity, it is in suffering  and the endurance of  pain that inspiration and creativity is born.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: “For me, art is a state of expression and an individual feeling in which one lives. Creation is life knowledge rejoined with exploration of the medium. Artists are searchers who are not ever satisfied, who always have to extend their thinking. Dissatisfaction allows the artist to make each day a new exploration and creation. Surrealism and abstract expressionism: these two styles permit me to share with people my interior, in the world we live.”

-Garry Mabour